• Certificate of Insurance Information

    All exhibitors must send an original certificate of insurance to the Massachusetts Dental Society by December 7, 2016.  No exhibitor will be allowed to set up without the required certificate of insurance.


    Please refer to our SAMPLE and these five steps to be sure your certificate of insurance displays the required information.

    1. Your company must be listed as the insured

    2. You must carry and maintain a minimum of $1 million insurance coverage that provides general liability coverage, coverage against damage to persons and property, and hazard insurance, insuring the exhibitor's property and its exhibit space, to fully protect it and the MDS and the additional insured (see below) against all risks in connection with its exhibit at the Yankee Dental Congress, or under the 2017 Rules & Regulations, or otherwise.

    3. Required dates must cover the dates of the expo, including set-up and breakdown: January 23-29, 2017.  Please send the certificate even if it expires by 12/31/16, then send a new certificate after this date.

    4. All insurance shall name as additional insured the Massachusetts Dental Society, other participating dental societies of Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont, the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority and Freeman.

    5. The certificate holder must be listed as follows:

             Massachusetts Dental Society
             Yankee Exhibits
             Two Willow Street
             Southborough, MA 01745

    If you do not carry general liability insurance, you may purchase this in the form of event insurance. Information and order forms will be provided in the exhibitor service manual, sent in October, or contact the vendor directly:


    Certificate of Insurance

    John Buttine Inc.

     (212) 697-1010 ext. 49

    The Yankee and the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority will not be responsible for damage or loss to any property of the exhibitor, including the shipping containers brought into or used in or about the convention center, nor for any acts or omissions of the exhibitor's employees, agents or representatives.

    See the SAMPLE certificate of insurance.

    Emily Baker, Exhibits Coordinator
    (508) 449-6059


  • Exhibitor Warning
    Third party companies who are not official Yankee vendors, have been soliciting exhibitors for room reservations, lead retrieval units, list rentals, and other trade show products and services. These organizations may misrepresent themselves as Yankee official vendors. Exhibitors may be contacted by fax, e-mail, or phone with offers for cut rate services.  If you receive an email from a company trying to sell you a list; please note these are not actual attendee lists and these companies are NOT authorized Yankee vendors. Please visit Yankee’s list of Official Vendors. Direct any questions to Yankee Exhibits.

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