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    For attendees looking for a premier dental meeting, Yankee Dental Congress 2017 is a must. You can help increase the visibility of Yankee Dental Congress 2017 AND your presence at Yankee by taking advantage of the Speaker Marketing Tool kit. As a Speaker, you have full access to banner ads, promotional verbiage, Yankee social media and more! Make sure your colleagues know that you will be speaking at Yankee Dental Congress 2017, the leading dental meeting in New England!

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    Please join me at Yankee Dental Congress 2017 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from January 25 – 29, 2017. I will be speaking on XX January XX, 2017. The course is entitled XX, please register today! yankeedental.com

    Get Social at Yankee

    As a speaker, you can post information, pictures, or videos about your course. We encourage you to utilize the Yankee Facebook to post videos, pictures and information during and after the meeting. Participating in discussions on the Yankee Facebook page will increase your visibility among attendees.

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    The Yankee Dental Congress Twitter and Instagram handles are @YankeeDental and we will be using #yankeedental for the meeting.

    Banner Ads & Logos

    Right-click and "Save Target as..." or "Save Image as..." to download any of the banners below in order to implement on your site and promote Yankee 2017! Link the banner to the web address http://www.yankeedental.com

    If you have any questions contact: Marketing Coordinator Alex Conway.  

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